There Is A Place - Occupants / Shortwave Band - Untitled (Vinyl)

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  1. Mar 08,  · But shortwave was in trouble before these new media took hold, said Larry Magne. He is publisher of Passport to World Band Radio, the annual shortwave radio tuning guide that thrived for 25 years but suspended publication in “We reached an apex in shortwave radio listenership in , when the Cold War ended,” said Magne.
  2. Digital Radio and the Future of Shortwave. While DRM30 theoretically has what it takes to resurrect shortwave into a digital radio band, the real culprit behind shortwave’s decline is the Internet: After the Web arrived, many shortwave listeners had a better, far more reliable way to get the content they wanted. “There are too many.
  3. Good shortwave band conditions depend on the peculiarities of the ionosphere at the instant in time and the band you are listening to. We also suggest some highly popular shortwave receivers that will make shortwave listing a fun past time! The International Shortwave Bands and Frequencies: 11 meters MHz -Very little broadcasting.
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  5. Jun 02,  · The shortwave radio band is able to bounce off the ionosphere during all hours of the day. The lower end of the shortwave band transmits a stronger signal at night and the upper end of the band works better during the daylight hours. Shortwave broadcasters often adjust their frequencies depending on what time of the day they are broadcasting.
  6. Jul 29,  · There's some good resources offered and I have already found some of them to be useful. I played around with one of the web-based radios one night last week and was able to pick up some people talking in a foreign language. I need to get out my band plan, see where I should be looking for ham radio signals, and look into it a little more deeply.

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